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1.  VOICE OF AMERICA, Washington DC 


"Thomas Hampson:  Opera Superstar."  July l994.  Portrait and interview of Thomas


"Dvorak in America."  September l993.  I was interviewed about my book, Dvorak in


"Interview with Filmmaker Wayne Wang about  The Joy Luck Club ," Fal l993.

"Czech Festival in Spillville, Iowa."  Fall l993.

"Ragtime Festival in Sedalia MO," Summer l993.

"Interviews with Hank Ketcham, the Cast and the Producer of  Dennis the Menace,"

     Summer l993.






"Dvorak in America" (I was interviewed about my book,  Dvorak in America , by

     Sharon Basco of Monitor Weekend Radio, Fall l993)

"Remembering Rachmaninoff" (interviews with pianist Ruth Laredo, critic Harold C.

     Schonberg, and entrepreneur John Steinway)

"Obituary of Composer John Cage" (based on interviews with Mr. Cage)

"Interview with Clint Eastwood about Unforgiven "

"Interview with Pianist Garrich Ohlsson about His Chopin Project"

"History of the Steinway Piano" (interviews with piano technician Franz Mohr)

"On Location with the Richard Strauss Music Festival at Bard College, New York"

"Interview with Pianist Max Morath about the History and Traditions of Ragtime"

"Carl Van Vechten Photography Exhibition at the Nelson Gallery" (interviews

     with author Bruce Kellner and the Photography Curator at the Nelson Gallery)

"Interview with Pianist Leslie Howard about His Liszt Project"

"Rosalyn Tureck:  High Priestess of the Baroque Keyboard" (interview with Dr.


"Hollywood Goes to the Alamo:  A Movie Genre" (interview with author Frank


"Fifty Years with Science Fiction Writer Ray Bradbury"  (interviews with Bradbury

     and his associates)

"Senator Eugene McCarthy and Children's Theatre:  A New Production at the Unicorn


"Mendelssohn Music Festival at Bard College" (interviews on location, including

     biographer R. Larry Todd and composer Joan Tower)

"Schumann Music Festival in Duesseldorf, Germany, l99l” (interviews on location,

     including singer Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau)

"Dvorak in America:  A Trip to Spillville Iowa" (interviews on location)

"Remembering Stephen Foster" (interviews at the Stephen Foster Memorial, Pittsburgh


"Grandma Moses on Stage" (interview with actress Cloris Leachman)

"Profile of Playwright Lanford Wilson" (on location staging a new play at the Missouri

     Repertory Theatre)

"Profile of Actress Julie Harris" (interview during a stage production of  Driving Miss


"William Windom Portrays James Thurber" (interview during a stage production)

"Profile of Violinist Nigel Kennedy" (backstage/ rehearsal interview)

"Show Boat --History of an American Musical Show" (interviews with singer Jerry

     Hadley and historian Miles Kreuger)

"Fifty Years with Warner Bros. Cartoons" (interview with animator Friz Freleng)

"Glory Explores Civil War History" (interviews with Denzel Washington, Matthew

     Broderick, and Edward Zwick)

"Profile of Luciano Pavarotti" (backstage/ rehearsal interview)

"Fifty Years of Batman" (interview with Batman creator Bob Kane)

"Interview with Dustin Hoffman" (on location on Broadway as Hoffman mounts a new

     production of  Death of a Salesman )

"Profile of the Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields" (interview with conductor Iona


"World Premiere of a New Bela Bartok Piano Work" (interview with pianist Gyorgy


"The Waverly Consort:  Bringing Music from the Renaissance to Modern Audiences

     (interview with director Michael Jaffee)

"Thomas Hart Benton Centennial in Kansas City" (interview with biographer Henry


"Profile of Classical Guitarist Christopher Parkening" (backstage/ rehearsal interview)

"Profile of Composer John Cage" (interview during Cage’s visit to the Kansas City Art


"Calligrapher to the Queen" (interview with Queen Elizabeth's Court Scribe, Donald


"The Many Faces and Voices of Meryl Streep" (interview with Ms Streep)

"Sigourney Weaver in Gorillas in the Mist" (interview)

"Sylvester Stallone in Rambo III  (interview)

"President Harry Truman and Music" (interviews with the staff of the Truman Library

     in Independence MO)

"Life with Stradivarius" (interviews with members of the Cleveland String Quartet)

"Rediscovering Franz Liszt" (interview with pianist Cyprian Katsaris)

"Jay McShann and Kansas City Jazz" (interview)

"Performing the Beethoven Piano Sonata Cycle" (interview with pianist Richard


"Vietnam Comes to Television:  The Premiere of CBS'  Tour of Duty           

     (interviews with cast members)

"Star Trek  Comes to Television (interviews with cast members of the new Paramount 


"The William Kapell International Piano Competition, l988" (interviews with jurors

     and finalists from the Washington, D.C. competition)

"The Robert Schumann Festival, l988, in Duesseldorf" (interviews on location from the

     music festival)

"Touring with the Bylsma-Brueggen-Leonhardt Baroque Trio" (interviews)

"Film Crews Go to China to film The Last Emperor" (interview with director Bernardo


"Profile of Michael Douglas” (interview)

"Profile of Cher  (interview)






Arts Reporter for KCTV-5 (CBS affiliate), Kansas City MO.  1985-1990. 

            Daily reports and reviews—packaged and “live”—of arts activities in

            and around Kansas City. 

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