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Photo Gallery

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Schumann at age 16

Schumann lithograph by Kriehuber

Schumann portrait

Schumann daguerreotype, 1849

Tibbetts in Duesseldorf

View of Zwickau

Schumann-Haus exterior, Zwickau

Schumann-Haus interior, Zwickau

Schumann’s music room, Zwickau

Schumann’s writing desk, Zwickau

Marketplace, Zwickau

River Mulde, outside Zwickau

Schumann-Haus, Leipzig

Cafe-Baum, Leipzig

Thomas Church, Leipzig

Schumann-Haus, Duesseldorf

Tonhalle concert hall, Duesseldorf

Church interior, Duesseldorf

Asylum at Bonn-Endenich

Schumann’s grave, Bonn

Courtyard, Schumann Study Center

Countryside near Duesseldorf

Clara Schumann, 1857

The young Brahms, 1853

Alan Walker, Liszt biographer

Joan Chissell, Clara Schumann biographer

Frau Dr. Gisela Schaefer and
Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau

Eric Sams, historian

Hans-Joachim Koehler,
Schumann biographer

Joerg Demus, pianist/scholar
and John C. Tibbetts

Kern Holoman,
Berlioz biographer

Mark and Elizabeth Robbins,
the “voices” of the Schumanns

At the Schumann Monument

Nancy Reich,
Clara Schumann biographer

Gerd Nauhaus, Nancy Reich
and John Tibbetts, Zwickau

Peter Ostwald,
Schumann biographer

Robert Winter, historian

Ronald Taylor,
Schumann biographer

Rufus Hallmark, historian


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